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Revolutionizing Highway Traffic Management

We are utilizing the latest AI technologies to predict and prevent traffic congestion in real-time, developing the next generation of highway traffic management

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About Us.

At Cygnus, we are on a mission to improve transportation for everyone. 

We're developing the next generation of Variable Speed Limit (VSL) management, enabling traffic control centers to predict and delay, minimize, and even prevent traffic jams in real time.

Our solution leverages the latest AI technologies to create a smarter, more efficient transportation system.


From one road segment to multi-km network management.

Versatility in Application

Learning to understand every single road segment for its own characteristics and optimizing for it specifically. 

Big Data in Real Time

Integrating multiple data sources in real or near-real time. Environmental, road-level and micro level single vehicle data.

Driven by Customer Needs

Fully adaptable to each customer's needs - Operational, Physical and Regulatory. 

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Meet the Team.

Balancing seasoned entrepreneurship, trailblazing vision and technical mastery.

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